Two-piece alternative pop band based in Munich, Germany. Classically educated musicians Janko Raseta  and Matija Chlupacek write music without compromises.
Sound of modern pop and electronica, infused with the spirit of the 80’s, is the outcome. Expect defined riffs, expressive vocals, oceans of synths and improvised psychedelic constructs.
“...a snazzy, flashy eruption of scintillating modern dance pop.” I Heart Moosiq
“...crazy-cool beats and overall irresistible catchiness.” Glamglare
“ overwhelming sense of wild abandon.” Barrygruff

Single ‘Dream Manipulation Program’ is out now.

Janko Rašeta - Guitar, Production
Matija Chlupacek - Vocals, Bass, Flute
Leander Widmoser - Live Drums