Aggressive Swans - About You

Munich-based duo Aggressive Swans releases their second single, 'About You'. This dancy, alt/indie track draws from the band's energetic live performances. The tingling mixture of strong 80's synth sounds, ambiguous self-reflective lyrics and engaging funky guitar line will leave nobody indifferent.

The new recording follows the band's first single 'Every Teardrop' (June 2016) further defining their signature sound between Phoenix, Everything Everything, and Arcade Fire.

The duo project of Janko Raseta (guitar, production) and Chris Chlupacek (vocals, bass, flute) prove their musical versatility by adding to their multitude of musical ventures, including pop, rock, electronic, film, classical and baroque projects.

Together with friends King Pigeon Aggressive Swans are kicking off 2018 with a show in Munich's Milla on January 27th.

'About You' is available online December 29th.

Aggressive Swans
About You
Written and recorded by
Janko Rašeta (Production)
Chris Chlupacek (Vocals)
Mixing, mastering
Marc Tajtelbaum
Cover art
Anne Gryczka (Rue Nouvelle)